Skype Hacked

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A guy who seems mainly involved in hacking Mac OS X X86 to run on any X86 machine (even AMD) now released a hack for Skype to enable 10-party conferences with every CPU. Skype has a marketing deal with Intel that 10-party conferences are only possible with their new Dual Core CPUs. The processing power of any modern PC however is way enough for this feature. So check out the above hack and help kick Intels a** by spreading the word about their marketing “gags”.

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RuzeeBorders v0.2

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v0.1 had three days to live ;-). Here’s version 0.2 of RuzeeBorders. Included is full Internet Explorer 5.5 support (5.0 and 6.0 were working with v0.1 already) and some stabilizations (more robust to fixed width CSS styles and against throwing … Continued


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I’ve released the long awaited Version 0.1 of RuzeeBorders, a JavaScript library that lets you liften up your boring ๐Ÿ˜‰ web pages with round corners, shadows, glows, and static fading effects. Everything is rendered in the browser (tested with all modern ones) you do not need to create images and code nasty background: url(…) styles. RuzeeBorders does it all for you – No, not the creation of the images, you don’t need that any more, but the rendering of the styles themself. I think I’ll stop explaining. Simply have a look at this web site and the examples I’ve included in the distribution. Enjoy!

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FON about to open

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FON is a spanish company selling WLAN access points in Spain and the USA. These access points makes one thing special: You can give other persons passing by the possiblity to log into your router so they can surf the web – which costs them something and you profit share with FON. Well, I had that idea a few years ago in a beer garden (do you two M*** guys remember? ;-)) but the time wasn’t ready for that in these days, I guess. Anyway FON is doing lots of corporations and stuff – which is one asset – but they also put out this nice access point, which they now want to open up a little bit. At least they are asking their users whether they want a Blog, Flickr, Classifieds, etc. running on their router. Yes, yes, yes!

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Pixel Perfect Layouts

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Ever wanted to know what struggles pixel perfect CSS layouts might cause you? Did you for example know that every browser has rounding problems when calculation the pixel positions of your divs? Check out the test at Position is Everything. Crazy, huh?

Well and when you mix that with divs floated on the right, Firefox will calculate the biggest b***s*** you can think of… Plus: you might think that margins and paddings are the same simply the other way around. I do so as well, but Firefox doesn’t. So when dealing with nested divs you should always use margins instead of paddings. You will confuse Firefox like hell if you won’t.

Enough about Firefox, Internet Explorer has problems as well. Take the 3 pixel jog bug which caused me a lot of headaches. But when you figure out the trick the beast can be handled.

Oh, and if you want to use an extremely fast (concering rendering and Javascript execution speed) browser which at the same time layouts everything I’ve played around with perfectly I recommend Opera. This little fellow lets the web feel faster while surfing. Check it out.

Having no idea what the heck I’m talking about? Well, be patient and check back in a few days.

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The Brrreeeport Experiment

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You should check out the Brrreeeport experiment. Seems to be fascinating work. From what I’ve heard at least. Details are kind of fuzzy. Try to make yourself an own picture ๐Ÿ˜‰ [tags]brrreeeport, blogosphere[/tags]

Bananas, Bananas, Bananas

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Ever wanted to know what a banana wants to be. A ninja? An apple? Check out the tattooed banana page. Do all bananas are belong to us? [tags]tattooed banana, tattoo, banana[/tags]


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Yeeha! This site is running at its good old home again. While it was running at my desktop PC I took the chance to update WordPress (1.5.2->2.0.1) and PHP (4.4.0->5.0.5) in the background. We called that “page flipping” in the … Continued


| 0 was down for about one day. Sorry for the inconvenience… I switched from gcc 3.3 to 3.4 and emerge -vue world didn’t do the trick. It destroyed the mod_php and bang, Apache and WordPress were gone – and I … Continued

The job posting

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Maybe you remember the resumee I’ve posted a while ago. Well, I found the following job posting it fits to perfectly:

Wanted: Demi-god Software Programmer
Capability to write code for any device including pacemakers, wrist watches and staplers.
Requires expertise in all languages invented since Pascal, and preferably including every toolset and language with a three letter word (OOP, ASM. ARM, iHA, CLI, GSM, ATG, XML).
Although advertised as a Linux programmer job, must be willing to write code for any OS including: BSD, UNIX, Windows NT, Solaris, Windows CE, Amiga DOS, and VMS VAX.
Must be willing to kiss your family goodbye and work your life off in an enclosed cubicle.
Must be capable of producing at least 30,000 lines of code per week while ingesting coffee that tastes like river silt.
Must be willing to take any salary we post and grovel during the interview for an extra $300 per month, which will be promptly deducted to pay for the increasing health care costs.
Must be ready to work immediately, with or without a computer or chair. In fact, we prefer BYOC, bring your own computer.
Send us your resume ASAP in order for us to create the longest possible delay in response time. Contact

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