What a resumee

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Yeah that is something:

Computer Science
Programming : Average knowledge about programming in Visual Basic, C, PHP, HTML, SQL, Mysql, MS Dos.
Databases: Average programming knowledge in Oracle 8.0,Visual Basic, Mysql.
Networking: Average knowledge in network administration and setup.
O.S.: Average knowledge in Windows and Linux: Redhat 7.0,Mandrake 8.0.
Web Design: Average programming knowledge, http://some-ugly-as-hell-web-site-made-with-an-online-page-builder/
Servers: Basic knowledge about web server administration (Apache), proxy server administration.
Computer assembly and repair: Advanced knowledge as a technician, effective use of the Internet.
Office suites: Word, Access, Excel, Power Point,Outlook.
Others: Paint Shop Pro 7, PhotoShop, Emule, Kazza, Paint, WordPad, Acrobat Reader, Winzip, WinRar.

Coming from a nice thread here.