Twitter is Dead. Go Blog!

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This blog is dead. I mean seriously. Like, the last entry was 2015. Hah! You know what: I’m running latest WordPress. For the last 6 years. Continuously. Yes. Why? Why? I have no clue. Because I can I guess. It’s … Continued

Unity3D Editor on Linux

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Games done with Unity3D run on Linux for a long time. Using it for game development on Linux however is still not possible. This may change soon. A Linux version of the Unity Editor already runs in their labs. Looking … Continued

A New Blog

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It’s been a while since my last blog post. More than five years actually. I’ve been pretty busy these last years which is the main reason for my absence. The content of my blog got a bit outdated during this … Continued

Dell Studio 15 BIOS Update with Linux

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This is a how-to for updating the BIOS of Dell Studio 15 Laptops without having Windows installed. It works with a Core i7 Studio 1557 but it will probably also work with other models – but be warned: It may … Continued

IE8 Support for Liquid Canvas

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A new version of excanvas has been released yesterday: It now supports IE8. Well, haven’t we – ahhm… Liquid Canvas – been waiting for this 😉

So this is what I did an hour ago: I copied the new version into my Liquid Canvas project and … surprise it didn’t work. After a short debugging session I spotted the problem. It seems that excanvas no longer likes dynamically generated DOM elements with the tag name “canvas” – replacing it with “div” did the trick.

Pimp my Ubuntu – Top 10 PPAs

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I’ve used loads of Linux distributions in the past. Each of them had its advantages and disadvantages – there’s simply no “perfect” OS… Gentoo and Debian basically don’t have any “releases” – updates come in frequently. When you wake up, … Continued