Twitter is Dead. Go Blog!

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This blog is dead. I mean seriously. Like, the last entry was 2015. Hah!

You know what: I’m running latest WordPress. For the last 6 years. Continuously. Yes. Why?


I have no clue. Because I can I guess. It’s done with a full blown CI based on a self-hosted GitLab. And it basically took me 2-3 hrs during this time. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not running the CI for this blog. It’s actually the side effect of my CI: Keep this blog running and up-to-date “for free”. So, why shut it down?

Updating is easy. Keeping the content is easy. I still have it. Hmm… I was just wondering. Is someone still reading this? And is this whole thing still capable of publishing content? Well, I guess I answered those questions myself already because you’re reading this.



What about the headline? Twitter is dead?

Well obviously that was click bait. But the question is still valid: Why would you twitter if blogs can be maintained easily? I leave that to you.