Twitter is Dead. Go Blog!

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This blog is dead. I mean seriously. Like, the last entry was 2015. Hah! You know what: I’m running latest WordPress. For the last 6 years. Continuously. Yes. Why? Why? I have no clue. Because I can I guess. It’s … Continued

Is your web server secure?

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Well, no one can tell for sure. But if you don’t want to have the most obvious security holes in your configuration, Nikto may be one of your friends. Once you have it installed (check out your Linux distro repository for details), it can be easily started via

nikto -h <>

or sometimes

perl -h <>

There’s one issue with Apache that, from my knowledge, can only be solved partly. TRACE should not be allowed as an HTTP request method. Unfortunately it can’t be turned off. It is however possible to almost disable it. Put the following configuration lines inside your “virtual host” section:

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteRule .* - [F] 

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I’ll be on vacation from 4.4. till 14.4. – it’s gonna be Bali! Yeeha! And I will definitely not be online during that time. So if you need any support for RuzeeBorders or anything else, please be patient – I’ll … Continued

Yahoo Messenger on Google Adsense

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Google ‘s got Google Talk. Instant messaging including VoIP for the masses. Yahoo ‘s got Yahoo Messenger. Instant messaging including VoIP for … guess whom ;-). Funny thing: Yahoo’s buying ads for Yahoo Messenger at Google. Here’s a screenshot taken … Continued

Pull these guys to heaven

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Wow, that thing is addicting. It’s on a japanese blog – but you’ll understand what to do once you’re there. Try to beat me: max chain 11 – yep, the screen shot isn’t a fake!!!

Yahoo,, and Google

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On Slashdot, I just read something funny in the Yahoo/ discussion: Someone wrote a Google Desktop plugin that went online right before the announcement. Sad guy – I guess Google will remove the thing in the next hours/days from their … Continued

The Doner (Kebab) Animal

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Last Thursday I’ve been out with my girlfriend, Heinz, his girlfriend and a girlfriend of his girlfr… ah, no matter ;-). More important is, what we were talking about. After Walter Moers and everything you can imagine about him (apparently … Continued