Liquid Canvas Positioned

I really love user comments like this one from Kaz van Wel:

I’d like to say I really like your Liquid Canvas script, you really made an invention by putting some scripts together and a wrapper around it to make a cross browser solution to round borders and a lot more possibilities :D. I really think this can change the web like Ajax did around 2006, once people know it exists.

Well Kaz, I think so, too: Let’s spread the word! 🙂

Kaz also brought my attention to a bug in Liquid Canvas: It was basically impossible to put a “liquid-canvased” element into a container with absolute or relative positioning.

This bug is fixed now with version 0.3 – which at the same time fixes a bug were a Liquid Canvas inside a Liquid Canvas was not possible. Check out the tests and the Liquid Canvas download page.