Ruby’s “each” for JavaScript

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Wow! 30 new subscribers due to my last blog posting about JavaScript inheritance: Welcome dear new readers ๐Ÿ™‚ Due to this fact I’ve decided to try out something new. No fancy new technologies for showing-off but a tutorial-like introduction to … Continued

Liquid Canvas Version 0.1 Out Now

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I’ve just released version 0.1 of Liquid Canvas.

It’s a JavaScript library for drawing inside your web page. It works on top of HTML canvas, jQuery and excanvas.

On the Liquid Canvas page you’ll find a demo and an example of how it works.

Here’s just a teaser take from the basic example:

$(window).load(function() {
    "[shadow border gradient] => roundedRect{radius:50}");

Yeah, this beast renders rounded corners with a drop shadow! Harrharrharr!!!

May I Cite Myself?

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Well I’ll just do it. Maybe it’s because I’m motivated by my new blog theme. Or maybe because my blog is now running on Drupal instead of WordPress – well what the heck? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway, I tought it’s time to … Continued

timed_fragment_cache on Rails 2.1

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With Rails 2.1 cache_erb_fragment has been replaced by write_fragment. This breaks a plugin I really enjoy to use: timed_fragment_cache by Richard Livsey.

It basically allows you to specify an expiry for the fragments you cache, e.g. inside memcache, by adding a “meta” fragment for the fragment you store containing the expiry time.

Some usage examples – pretty self-explaining:

In your view:

<%- cache 'my_key', 1.hour.from_now do -%>
<%- end -%>

With extensive queries – your view …:

<%- cache 'some_posts' -%>

Memory Leaks in GetText for Ruby on Rails

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Version 1.90.0 of GetText for Ruby has quite some memory leaks in its Rails support files. In my case, the memory Mongrel used increased by 1 MB with each request it served… Quite amazing that you don’t really find someone else having the problem… Well there’s at least a bug report on rubyforge…

Monkey-patching gettext.rb with the following code made things quite more relaxed:

  def bound_target(klass = self) # :nodoc:
ret = nil