Flash Element TD

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A strange name – but the most addictive Flash game I’ve ever played: Flash Element TD. My score: 3,314 – with loads of rocket towers in bonus level 3 – a creep has 20,000 HP here.

YouTube has a video of a guy reaching bonus level 5, scoring 8,547… He’s using fire and water – nothing else. Guess I’ll give this tactic one last chance 😉

RUZEE.LayoutManager v0.1 goes public

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A new JavaScript jewel: RUZEE.LayoutManager lets you build web applications that have the style of a desktop application. You don’t need any JavaScript knowledge to use it. Just include the script, add some CSS class definitions to your HTML source … Continued

RUZEE.Borders and Telligent’s Community Server

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I don’t know if you ever heard about Telligent’s Community Server. It’s a platform for building blogs, forums, etc. mainly focused on enterprise intranets. The company has a pretty strong relation to Microsoft, actually loads of employees are Ex-Microsofters. And, Microsoft uses the Community Server for their msdn blogs.

So what? Well, I haven’t had look in my Apache logs for quite some time – today I took a peek. And I found lots of similar referer URLs there, ending with “/ControlPanel/Blogs/SkinOptions.aspx”, where the top one referer of that kind came from… yeah: blogs.msdn.com! So my guess was that Community Server somehow includes RUZEE.Borders.

And I found a little more proof on that: Mark (Voermans?) new blog is a Community Server based blog that uses a RUZEE.Borders based theme.

Does anybody know more details? Can anyone confirm that the RUZEE.Borders theme is bundled with Community Server?

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Gentoo Kernel Update v0.1

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I’ve written a Ruby script that does all the things required to update your Gentoo kernel to the latest version – no need to genkernel, emerge, or grub-edit anything. You got a new version of the Linux kernel in /usr/portage? … Continued

Monitoring your server

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ruzee.com is currently hosted at my home, in my small computer and visitors room, using a DSL connection. Until you as one of my visitors reach my site, all the data has to go through a DSL modem/splitter, a NAT/Firewall, a 4-port switch, and finally the server itself. Loads of components that, well, might crash, get disconnected, etc.

But, fortunately Montastic exists. It frequently checks your servers for their availability. It does that approximately every 15 minutes – so you won’t get real-time data, but hey it’s free! If something is not o.k. (or working again), Montastic sends you an e-mail.

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RUZEE.Borders version 0.16

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Version 0.15 had some trouble in IE where it let the content of a bordered element jumped when using “onhovered” elements. That even happend on my page – cheers Russ for the bug report.

The new version 0.16 fixes that. It was an issue with the relative positioning that RUZEE.Borders use since version 0.14. Peekaboo!

The new version also got some major refactorings. Most of the methods are private now – please tell me when something you’ve used previously is no longer public. Due to the refactorings I’ve managed to reduce the size of RUZEE.Borders by approx. 700 bytes.

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Spam, Spam, Spam

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I hate spam. Apparently the spammers now trick the Did you pass math WordPress plugin… I hate spam. [tags]spam[/tags]

Call Google Advertisers via Skype – soon!

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I just read on the Google talkabout blog that Google and eBay signed a contract to let Google Adsense ads contain Skype callto-links in the future. Meaning that you’ll be able to call advertisers directly via Skype whenever you see … Continued