RUZEE.Borders 0.14 and Catwalks

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Paddings are optional from this release on. It’s now possible to work with margins on your inner elements only. That’ll give you a much more easily maintainable layout. And if you use paddings, you may now also specify them in centimeters, inches, ems, etc., not just in pixels! Thanks, Jakob for the hint. Get it here.

Catwalks? Well there’ve been quite alot of downloads last month and if you were one of the guys and if you already have a site up and running using RUZEE.Borders, feel free to leave a link to your web page in the comments field below – put your site on the catwalk ;-).

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Is your web server secure?

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Well, no one can tell for sure. But if you don’t want to have the most obvious security holes in your configuration, Nikto may be one of your friends. Once you have it installed (check out your Linux distro repository for details), it can be easily started via

nikto -h <>

or sometimes

perl -h <>

There’s one issue with Apache that, from my knowledge, can only be solved partly. TRACE should not be allowed as an HTTP request method. Unfortunately it can’t be turned off. It is however possible to almost disable it. Put the following configuration lines inside your “virtual host” section:

RewriteEngine On 
RewriteRule .* - [F] 

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Skype hacked – differently

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Skype has been hacked – and I’m not talking about the Intel conference call more parties, etc. stuff. I’m talking about a third party application calling a Skype client! The piece of software is coming from China – I’m wondering … Continued

A New Theme

| 0 got a new theme. Hope you like it! Right now I’m thinking about putting my previous WordPress theme open source. [tags], theme, wordpress[/tags]

Retrieving CSS styles via JavaScript

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Unobstrusive JavaScript is getting popular. Scripts are used to enrich a page’s look while the HTML source code remains pretty clean. Examples are jQuery,, and of course RUZEE.Borders ;-). One important method is the retrieval of the current CSS … Continued

Opening Beer Bottles – In Denmark?

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Sometimes I feel kind of strange when browsing through the feed… I mean, who on earth bookmarks a video that shows, how to open a beer bottle with another one? Well, as long as two other guys do extremely interrested when watching this magical trick, I guess others do as well…

So please, my sweet mob, bookmark something good and something the whole world doesn’t already know ;-). For example the Schwenkbier way (=swivelling beer; unfortunately I don’t have a video for that right now…), although Seb says 0,33 litres are way to less and Bit isn’t really suitable, either – well guess it’s up to anyone’s taste ;-).

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