RUZEE.Borders and Telligent’s Community Server

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I don’t know if you ever heard about Telligent’s Community Server. It’s a platform for building blogs, forums, etc. mainly focused on enterprise intranets. The company has a pretty strong relation to Microsoft, actually loads of employees are Ex-Microsofters. And, Microsoft uses the Community Server for their msdn blogs.

So what? Well, I haven’t had look in my Apache logs for quite some time – today I took a peek. And I found lots of similar referer URLs there, ending with “/ControlPanel/Blogs/SkinOptions.aspx”, where the top one referer of that kind came from… yeah:! So my guess was that Community Server somehow includes RUZEE.Borders.

And I found a little more proof on that: Mark (Voermans?) new blog is a Community Server based blog that uses a RUZEE.Borders based theme.

Does anybody know more details? Can anyone confirm that the RUZEE.Borders theme is bundled with Community Server?

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