A Theory Of Everthing – Especially Life

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There’s been a lot of buzz about Garrett Lisi in the last two years. He didn’t like String Theory so ten year’s ago he decided to leave the science community behind and do his own research in the most beautiful places on earth. Kinda cool 😉

Then he came up with a possible grand unification theory based on a very charming mathematical construct (E8) – which does some predictions (about the existence of some new physical particles) that are not yet proven to be wrong – and might be right. LHC may give some answers… Check out his presentation on TED.

Asking why I’m blogging about him? And now? Right when the hype is over and everything came back to normal? Well, he wrote a pretty inspiring blog post about the future of mankind and life itself that’s definitely worth reading. And you don’t need any knowledge in theoretical physics in order to get the point – I promise 🙂

Guess I’ve got to try kitesurfing…