SSL Certificate from

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You can now optionally browse my site via HTTPS. I got a free web site certificate from If you want to be sure you’re surfing on my site, please visit their site to import their certificate into your browser.

Script kiddies and servers running@home (improved)

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Remember my posting about Script kiddies and servers running@home? Unfortunately this little hack can’t work with HTTPS. So I figured out an even simpler way for doing the same thing – even when using HTTPS. <VirtualHost *:80> ServerName * DocumentRoot … Continued

Yahoo,, and Google

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On Slashdot, I just read something funny in the Yahoo/ discussion: Someone wrote a Google Desktop plugin that went online right before the announcement. Sad guy – I guess Google will remove the thing in the next hours/days from their … Continued

Yahoo VoIP

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I forgot to mention that today the deal wasn’t the only event that Yahoo was in the press for. They launched their VoIP-enabled Yahoo Messenger. => Yahoo (2nd update)

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Found some more details here: The deal seems to be somewhere between $10 and $40 million ($10-$15 according to the blog entry, $30-$40 according to a comment). => Yahoo (update)

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Strange: The first comments in the blog were “cool”, “congrats”, …, etc. At the end you can read things like

Take that big wad of cash buy a new identity and forget ever existed. The only thing that can sour your sweet success now is those pesky loyal users who think you owe them something.

I’m really, really, really sorry to hear this! I dislike Yahoo and their practices. I will be removing my bookmarks. You had a great product and service. I’m sorry you’ve been eaten up by the giants.

I guess bought the first wave of comments ;-). Don’t get me wrong, the guy that started did the trick, but the community will probably move to a different spot now…

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Cafe Puck is a nice place. Free WiFi for everyone, tasty Helles (that’s what beer is called in bavaria), and well …. fun ;-). Right now I’m here with two friends – where one of them just started (German), … Continued