The job posting

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Maybe you remember the resumee I’ve posted a while ago. Well, I found the following job posting it fits to perfectly:

Wanted: Demi-god Software Programmer
Capability to write code for any device including pacemakers, wrist watches and staplers.
Requires expertise in all languages invented since Pascal, and preferably including every toolset and language with a three letter word (OOP, ASM. ARM, iHA, CLI, GSM, ATG, XML).
Although advertised as a Linux programmer job, must be willing to write code for any OS including: BSD, UNIX, Windows NT, Solaris, Windows CE, Amiga DOS, and VMS VAX.
Must be willing to kiss your family goodbye and work your life off in an enclosed cubicle.
Must be capable of producing at least 30,000 lines of code per week while ingesting coffee that tastes like river silt.
Must be willing to take any salary we post and grovel during the interview for an extra $300 per month, which will be promptly deducted to pay for the increasing health care costs.
Must be ready to work immediately, with or without a computer or chair. In fact, we prefer BYOC, bring your own computer.
Send us your resume ASAP in order for us to create the longest possible delay in response time. Contact

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