Soccer=Football? Firefox=Footiefox!

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Some may call it Soccer Worldcup. Other may call it Football Worldcup. ‘Think the official name is FIFA Worldcup. And the official site is which is actually hosted by Yahoo

But you shouldn’t really care about that. At least if you are using Firefox – in this case, the most important page is It’s the coolest plugin for Firefox if you are soccer (slash football… ;-)) addicted.

It sits in the status bar and displays the score of the currently running game. On a right click, it will give you an overview of all the games that have been, are and will be – sorted by group and date. Something you find on the “official” pages only after trillions of clicks is now at your fingertips. Plus: this beast even shouts “GOOOAALLLL” whenever appropriate – really 😉 !

And once the worldcup is over, you won’t have to uninstall it. It supports all the major soccer/football leagues of the world.

But please take care: this plugin may not work with every 3rd party theme – At least I had problems with Noia 2.0

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RUZEE.Events v0.2

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The DOMContentLoaded, a.k.a. domload, a.k.a. window.onload problem gets solved more and more. There’s now a solution for Internet Explorer that doesn’t require an external script. And there’s a solution that works on Safari via document.readyState (which btw. also works on Konqueror).

All these new revelations have been included into RUZEE.Events v0.2. The domloadeof DIV which was required in version 0.1 is now optional. The only browser I did my tests with, that still requires this DIV, is Opera 8.5 (whereas Opera 9.0b2 apparently directly supports DOMContentLoaded events).

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Illusions, Dreams – Don’t care…

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As a child you see stuff and you think: wow! You think, well, that’s something, but anyway – hey there’s something else, let’s move on!

This happend to me with the Smooth Criminal video (I won’t write the name of the artist here, because I don’t wanna get Google hits for his name “in these times” ;-)) but I guess you know who I mean, anyway.

Right. In this video there’s *beep* with two other guys leaning forward in an almost 45 degrees angle live on stage. When I watched that video trillions of years ago (Greg, Jens, remember?) that was the coolest and yet obvious thing ever.

Well… I found out today that there’s a patent for this trick. was the one who killed my illusions and dreams ;-).

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Features, Clean-ups, Speed-ups

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Version 0.11 of RUZEE.Borders now supports directly set widths on elements you want to border as well as manually specified element heights. There are some speed improvments (rendering is queued and performed “at the end”) and a fix to support … Continued

Cells with 100% Height in HTML Tables

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Abo had a question about 100% heights of DIVs inside cells of HTML tables. I say: don’t even think about it. Why? Well, here’s my analysis. Browsers usually have two different modes they operate in. Quirks Mode, which has historical … Continued

RUZEE.Borders – a new name, a new API

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RuzeeBorders have been renamed to RUZEE.Borders. With the new name comes a new API. It is much more intuitive than the old API, especially when you are used to the CSS syntax. The old API is still provided for backward … Continued

Google Web Toolkit and RuzeeBorders

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The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a pretty slick framework for writing AJAX based solutions in Java and then deploy everything as a pure JavaScript client application with RPC mechanisms to communicate with the server side. Google Maps and other Google services are based on that framework.

Google released it eight days ago and today I found out that Alexei Sokolov, who’s apparently one of the developers of the GWT, wrote a plugin/component for rounded corners. And guess which JavaScript library he used for that: My RuzeeBorders!

It supports the full API of RuzeeBorders, except the ID and class based selection of elements to round. But I guess the GWT has other means to acquire the right HTML elements… I definitely have to play around with it a bit. And you may as well, of course ;-).

Update: Another JavaScript library has a GWT plugin: The famous!

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Gradients for RuzeeBorders

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Background images inside a DIV you wanted round corners and shadows for. Impossible. Up to now! With version 0.9 RuzeeBorders support top aligned background images – which is perfect for gradients in the title, just like the Web 2.0 style guide says ;-). Have a look at my blog, nice eh?

What else, well lots of bug fixes of course. The padding left and right, which was always there when you bordered something (e.g. DarkAngle’s tables) is gone. The Firefox top-left pixel jog bug as well. And overall speed has been increased again – though just a little bit.

Enjoy this fine release – let me hear how it works for you.

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