Google Web Toolkit and RuzeeBorders

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The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a pretty slick framework for writing AJAX based solutions in Java and then deploy everything as a pure JavaScript client application with RPC mechanisms to communicate with the server side. Google Maps and other Google services are based on that framework.

Google released it eight days ago and today I found out that Alexei Sokolov, who’s apparently one of the developers of the GWT, wrote a plugin/component for rounded corners. And guess which JavaScript library he used for that: My RuzeeBorders!

It supports the full API of RuzeeBorders, except the ID and class based selection of elements to round. But I guess the GWT has other means to acquire the right HTML elements… I definitely have to play around with it a bit. And you may as well, of course ;-).

Update: Another JavaScript library has a GWT plugin: The famous!

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