Soccer=Football? Firefox=Footiefox!

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Some may call it Soccer Worldcup. Other may call it Football Worldcup. ‘Think the official name is FIFA Worldcup. And the official site is which is actually hosted by Yahoo

But you shouldn’t really care about that. At least if you are using Firefox – in this case, the most important page is It’s the coolest plugin for Firefox if you are soccer (slash football… ;-)) addicted.

It sits in the status bar and displays the score of the currently running game. On a right click, it will give you an overview of all the games that have been, are and will be – sorted by group and date. Something you find on the “official” pages only after trillions of clicks is now at your fingertips. Plus: this beast even shouts “GOOOAALLLL” whenever appropriate – really 😉 !

And once the worldcup is over, you won’t have to uninstall it. It supports all the major soccer/football leagues of the world.

But please take care: this plugin may not work with every 3rd party theme – At least I had problems with Noia 2.0

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