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Integrating zenphoto into WordPress

If you have a blog based on WordPress and you want to integrate zenphoto into that, you do that by creating a zenphoto theme that is based on your WordPress theme. I did that with my gallery and here's a description on how I did that.

A Tutorial for rounded corners with drop shadows

There are many ways to do rounded corners on web pages. This tutorial describes a solution based on RUZEE.Borders. It shows how the web page has to be structured and how to add a drop shadow to an HTML element - everything without using any pre-rendered images.

Features, Clean-ups, Speed-ups

Version 0.11 of RUZEE.Borders now supports directly set widths on elements you want to border as well as manually specified element heights.

There are some speed improvments (rendering is queued and performed "at the end") and a fix to support Simon's and Seb's features at the same time.

Overall this release make RUZEE.Borders much simpler to use - you'll find that out with one of my next postings: A tutorial!

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Cells with 100% Height in HTML Tables

Abo had a question about 100% heights of DIVs inside cells of HTML tables. I say: don't even think about it. Why? Well, here's my analysis.

Browsers usually have two different modes they operate in. Quirks Mode, which has historical reasons and Strict Mode which is standardized via CSS and HTML recommendations (Check out and for details). Strict Mode is the recommended one to use when creating new web pages.

RUZEE.Borders - a new name, a new API

RuzeeBorders have been renamed to RUZEE.Borders. With the new name comes a new API. It is much more intuitive than the old API, especially when you are used to the CSS syntax.

The old API is still provided for backward compatibility reasons, but please, from now on, use the new one to round your corners, and to put shadows, glows and fadings around your HTML elements - I think you'll like it.

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