Fat Transparent ShadedBorders

Ryan gave the idea and some code for a new ShadedBorder feature. Fat semi-transparent borders:

Fat Borders

And thanks alot NewTrax for fixing the hover issues on IE6. It needs a bit more CSS to get going, but will solve any issues. Check out the CSS included in test.html on how to use it.

Ah, right: it’s version 0.6 which has all these features. ๐Ÿ™‚

ShadedBorder with Gracefull Degradation

Yeah well, it was raining… And I’ll be on holiday for quite some days from Tuesday on – without any computer. So this weekend was kind of the perfect time to hack a little bit on my neat little fun project ShadedBorder.

The result: after version 0.3 yesterday, today comes version 0.4. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The new features:

  • Graceful Degradation: If JavaScript is disabled, your page will look almost as good as if ShadedBorder could do its job.

Ellipsis or “truncate with dots” via JavaScript

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Internet Explorer comes with a nice CSS feature for truncating text by appending three little dots: text-overflow:ellipsis. Here’s a screen shot: Unfortunately text-overflow:ellipsis is no standard and not supported by Firefox, Opera, etc. With some JavaScript hacking however you can … Continued


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Memories. Memories that come into your mind when things happen – reminding you – … Right now my girlfriend is in Berlin and one of my best friends lives in Berlin.

This one is to Andy and Anna – and to New Zealand where I really met both of them the first time.

It’s online since almost six weeks. And I don’t know how long it’ll last… Check it out on last.fm as well – although you’ll only get 30 seconds there…

Random lockups/freezes on nForce4 solved

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I’ve had trouble with random lockups/freezes on my nForce4 based Asus A8N-SLI Premium mainboard since the beginning. I first thought it was related to my Asus 6600 graphics card – using the open-source nv driver instead of the proprietary Nvidia driver on Linux made things better, but didn’t solve it completely. The system simply stopped responding once in a while and a hard reset was necessary.

Open Maps and the Discoverer in You

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I really enjoyed Measuring the World (in German: Vermessung der Welt) by Daniel Kehlmann. It describes how Alexander von Humboldt cartographs southern America and how Carl Friedrich Gauss finds out loads of miracles of the world of mathematics (and later uses these to measure out western Europe). The book is really good in giving you the feelings of those days – how it was being a discoverer.