Fat Transparent ShadedBorders

Ryan gave the idea and some code for a new ShadedBorder feature. Fat semi-transparent borders:

Fat Borders

And thanks alot NewTrax for fixing the hover issues on IE6. It needs a bit more CSS to get going, but will solve any issues. Check out the CSS included in test.html on how to use it.

Ah, right: it’s version 0.6 which has all these features. 🙂

NewTrax and loads of others asked about the progress with the Safari 2 performance. Well… There isn’t… Apparently the problems result from the poor rendering performance of Safari 2 when lots of semi-transparent elements are on your page. As for ShadedBorder, there are millions. 😉 So maybe it’s a good approach, as NewTrax suggested, to disabled ShadedBorder on Safari 2 – not that bad, at least we’ve got the graceful degradation feature…