Ellipsis or “truncate with dots” via JavaScript

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Internet Explorer comes with a nice CSS feature for truncating text by appending three little dots: text-overflow:ellipsis. Here’s a screen shot: Unfortunately text-overflow:ellipsis is no standard and not supported by Firefox, Opera, etc. With some JavaScript hacking however you can … Continued

Lemmings in JavaScript

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Some of you may remember one of the best games of the 90s: Lemmings. I can’t remember how many hours I’ve played this neat game – but it must have been quite a lot. I still remember the first levels … Continued

Retrieving CSS styles via JavaScript

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Unobstrusive JavaScript is getting popular. Scripts are used to enrich a page’s look while the HTML source code remains pretty clean. Examples are jQuery, script.aculo.us, and of course RUZEE.Borders ;-). One important method is the retrieval of the current CSS … Continued

Lightbox WordPress Plugin

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Lightbox JS is a JavaScript lib for overlaying images on top of your web page. Kjell Bublitz from mentorsblog wrote a neat little WordPress plugin (in german) for it. Try it out by clicking on the image below: