min-width and Internet Explorer (7.0?)

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There are lots of fixes for the lack of support of min-width in Internet Explorer <=6.0. I recently added a pure CSS solution to the theme of my blog (see here), which works fine in strict mode. You simply cannot have a liquid design without some sort of min-width… And all those JavaScript solutions are simply too slow, eat too much bandwidth (if you have a 384 kBit/s uplink), and have response times on window resizes that are unacceptable.

But then again, IE 7.0 RC2 still does not support min-width and I read that the layout engine will not be changed for the final version – which means that all those ugly workarounds will be required for some more years… Unless others are successful, who say that they are working hard on the feature to be included in the final. So I guess, we’ll just wait and see ;-).

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