Bali and RuzeeBorders

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Bali is so beautiful, relaxing, exciting – the memories I have are almost unbelieveable. Rafting, snorkeling, driving and sitting around watching the locals – all that I can recommend to you.

But Bali is known for its bombings, which is something incredibly bad for the people there who rely on the tourism. And the island is so much worth visiting. Take London. Bombings as well, and much more – but still, do you care about that when thinking about giving London a visit? Guess you do not – you live in a large city anyway that may also be the place for a terror attack. So London is ok… Same risk as everywhere else… And the same is true for Bali. Except that tourists think different. And the people there are losing their jobs… Well enough on that. Think I made my point.

Where did I stop, yes, the unbelieveable memories I have. Usually watching the holiday pictures helps believing, but … not for me on these holidays … my camera has been stolen the last day at the airport :-(. But I still have those nice memories :-).

When returing home I still had some days before going back to my office (which is tomorrow) so I had some time working on RuzeeBorders. And guess what: Version 0.5 is out and supports turning off the rounding/shadow of the borders on some edges/corners.

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