Quake 3 on 24 screens

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I’ve played Quake 2 on a beamer once. The resolution was 800 by 600 pixels in those days – which was some really special. But imagine playing Quake 3 at 10240 by 3072. Yes, the numbers are correct. No mistake. Not a zero to much or something. Approx 10K by 3K pixels. On a screen the size of the largest wall in your room. A matter for a heart attack? Yeah, I guess so. Some stupid story from the future? No: This guy is doing it right now. With 24 monitors and 12 Linux servers rendering everything. But hey, if I had these LCDs and machines, I wouldn’t have any other idea what to do with them 😉 Well, except viewing my blog at the some-K resolution as well, of course…

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