Where did all my cash go to?

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Have you ever asked yourself where all the money goes that you have in your wallet? Hell, yes, you may somehow know – “I paid a Schnitzel and 6 beers” or “I bought a pair of shoes”. But what happened with your ex-note after that moment?

You may give EuroBillTracker.com a chance if you wanna find out – at least if you are in Europe or deal with Euro notes in some other country. You may register an account, input the numbers (IDs) of the notes you currently have and then check back later, if someone did the same as well – with the same note of course ;-).

There is a user high score and top 1 is a guy from the Netherlands who entered – hold your breath – 254,142 different notes in the last 2 years. I wonder if he’s working in a bank or something – or robbed some… I mean 254,142 with an average of 10 Euro/note that’s 2.5 million Euro running through the fingers of this guy – 1.25 million Euro/year “cash flow”. Guess he smells like money. Gals, you should definitely figure out who he is and meet him real life – or maybe it’s a she?

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