XDA III and Windows Mobile 2005

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It’s not all about Linux… Some devices simply just run with Windows (Mobile). One of these is the XDA III (that’s how the BlueAngel is called in Germany). The device comes with a buggy Windows Mobile 2003SE – last week the device locked-up completely two times when I put it into the cradle. I had to remove the battery and afterwards everythings on it was lost meaning that it had the state when I first got it. And twice I installed everything again, etc.
So today I decided to give a Beta of Windows Mobile 2005 a try – you can get it at XDA Developers – but installing it means breaking your warranty. Windows Mobile 2005 features Persitent Storage and this might solve the hard reset problems I had with the “old” Windows.
The current status is that I managed to get through the installation procedure and everything is working (again). It seems a little bit slower – maybe because of Persistent Storage – but it looks nicer ;-). The future will tell if the problems will be gone and the upgrade was worth the hours I spent.