IE8 Support for Liquid Canvas

A new version of excanvas has been released yesterday: It now supports IE8. Well, haven't we - ahhm... Liquid Canvas - been waiting for this ;-)

So this is what I did an hour ago: I copied the new version into my Liquid Canvas project and ... surprise it didn't work. After a short debugging session I spotted the problem. It seems that excanvas no longer likes dynamically generated DOM elements with the tag name "canvas" - replacing it with "div" did the trick.

In short: Version 0.2 of Liquid Canvas now supports Internet Explorer 6, 7 AND 8 - and of course all other browsers out there as well :-)

Problem in IE

I have the below code in my iframe page,

$(window).load(function() {
// No we can paint our canvas. Something rounded with a shadow ;-)

"[shadow gradient{from:#000000; to:#ffffff;}] => roundedRect{radius:10}");

when the parent page loads, the code inside iframe page not works. When i run the iframe page individually it works fine. I have this problem in IE only.

The problem is $(window).load(function(){ is not working in iframe page. How to fix this?